Every day is a new beginning. A new chance to work hard for your goals, a new page to fill with unique actions and thoughts. A day that will never repeat itself.
You are standing in spirit, ready to receive whatever fate may be sent upon you. A turn of cards. The inexplicable invisible threads of destiny.
Opened up to play the game of randomness.
Insanity. That’s what I call it.
Delusions of happiness.
Blind. Speculating, calculating, shaping each step to achieve certain peace of mind. Believing in serendipity. Trusting that opportunities will turn into tangible objects of our desires.
Expectations. The root of all evils, of all suffering.
What is the likelihood of achieving “happiness” when you don’t even know what “happiness” means? When you don’t even know when to stop, when to continue, when to let go, when to hold onto things?
This is a total mess. A potpourri of perplexity, intricacy, riots, distractions and hysteria.
I have not yet reached half of the “normal” human’s expected life span, and I am already consumed by all this fanciful rot.
What’s worse; I have been assigned an unthinkable mission: to help others feel more at ease. To listen to their silence and see into their souls. To perceive their paths and evoke higher powers to bring relief.
In short, to feed their insanity.
Humans are not only delusional, but also unmindful.
Paradoxically, their same state of habromania turns them later into apostates.
Welcome to my life.

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