“Damn! I run out of ink again!”
Nova put on his navy blue coat, his matching gloves and hat; and left.
He was a young man, average build and rather skinny. His long hair was one of his most distinctive features; he would always proudly carry it on a high bun. Except for this morning; it was looking uncombed and messy.
“ Why is this always happening when I am in the middle of the forests and mountains? Why can’t it happen when I am in the Ocean, less concerned about the details?”
While walking down Hortensia Street, he kicked every fluorite that was on his path, as a mean to let his frustration out. He was not even paying attention to how many new flowers had grown to the sides of the street, or to the uncountable Lactarius Indigo sticking out from behind the trees.
“This is all his fault. If He weren’t so impulsive, I would certainly not have to be waking up in the early morning. I can’t understand why he does not rest. When I get to his age, I hope I will have retired”
Nova continued walking quickly, only focusing on his internal monologue.
When he arrived to the store, Mr. Glaucus had just opened the doors.
– Nova! You are up early today! Is your boss bringing you trouble again?
– Do not even ask, Mr. Glaucus. And let me remind you that He is not my boss.
– Hahaha, Nova. You really are a good boy! What do you need to get?
– Ink. I am going to take two jars of 2727, 2 of 2756 and 1 of 2768. I also need a 294. And a 330.
Mr. Glaucus opened his eyes as big as Alpha Daneb star, in the Cynus Constelation. He moved his head in desperation from side to side, while stretching it up and then down again, making sure there was nobody around.
– Shhhhhhhh! Waking up early made you lose your mind?! Nova, don’t start again with the 330! You know that I cannot sell you a 330!
– Oh, come on Mr. Glaucus! Please, don’t make my day even more difficult! I need a 330. I really need it.
– But Nova, you know the rules…
– I promise you no one will ever know. Everybody will think that this is the same old one that is back in the study. Nobody will suspect anything.
– My goodness, you truly are a muddled boy. If They discovered that I still keep some miniatures of 330, I would lose my store. Do you understand how risky this situation is?
– I do
Nova left the store carrying a huge bag. It was not very heavy, but its size and the fact that it had no handles made carrying it an uncomfortable task. Besides, Mr. Glaucus had put a bag inside another bag inside another bag, and in this one there were 4 more small bags filled with ultramarine foam. And inside it, the inks. He insisted that his packaging method was extremely safe – both against falls and Them.
When Nova was 5 years old, his job had already been chosen for him. His mother explained that, because of the shape of his hands and the light of his eyes, this was the mission he was assigned to, and that it was an honor. Of course he never doubted it. Until last summer, when he found that book hidden under the floor of his study. Since then, nothing was the same before his eyes.
After having walked about 207 steps, he stopped. His hands were sweating, so he placed the bag on the ground, held it with his legs and proceeded to take his gloves off. The color on his hands had changed to a lavender tone. “Too much heat”, Nova thought.
When he lifted his head again, he saw a figure about 140 steps away.
“ Oh no! Is that Them? No, it cannot be possible, they can’t have found out so soon. Except that… except that they had curatores installed in Mr. Glaucus store. But no, that is not very likely; he inspects his store every day in search for any possible leak… Though… I did arrive very early today, he might not have had the time to go over all the store…”
Nova run behind a Caerulea Archetypus, whose dense leaves provided a decent hideout, and waited there; alert and observing the figure’s movements. But after 10 minutes, the figure was still there, motionless.
Puzzled and curious, Nova started to head for her; taking shelter every 2 steps behind a Caerulea Archetypus or a Caerulea Archetypa. The figure kept on being still. Her head was leaning down, staring at the ground.
When he was finally about 48 steps away from the figure, his heart suddenly skipped a beat.
“ But… but… but no, but… but… how?! How is it possible?!” He desperately rubbed his eyes over and over again. “No, no, no, no. This is not true. It can’t be true. This is just my imagination. It is early, I am tired and I am probably hallucinating…”
The figure then lifted her head up and looked him in his eyes. She started to walk towards him. Nova was unable to move, he was frozen.
When the figure stood in front of him, tears started to come out Nova’s eyes.
“Might this be the moment I have been waiting since last summer? Might all the stories that I read on that book be true?”
– Help me please. I don’t know where I am or how I got here – said Jord
Nova, astonished, observed her for about two minutes. Then, he wiped his tears off his face and was finally able to speak.
– Don’t worry, I will help you. My name is Nova. I am the Maps Drawer of the World Beyond the Blue Trees. Come with me.

All of the above is my writing. All rights are reserved.

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