“It is happening”
The Keeper of The Records opened his eyes and sat up. He walked towards the small table by the window and poured himself a glass of raspberry juice. With his gaze lost somewhere over the horizon, he slowly tasted the fruity flavour of his drink.
“I wonder if the rest of the story will also be fulfilled… ” he thought.
– Excuse me Custode Aniello, are you busy right now? May I have a word with you? – the voice of the Commander of the Elite Brigade of the Guardians of The Blue startled the Keeper.
– Come in, Archimagirus Bence, I was waiting for you – the Keeper said, while placing his glass of juice on top of the table.
– How did you know I was coming to visit you?
– I guess the rumors must be true!. The only way of taking a position as a Records’ Keeper is having been born with the gift of vision! – he laughed.
– Oh! I am glad to hear that! It means that our conversation will go smoothly. You only need to tell me everything you see, without leaving any details out – the Keeper sensed a threatening tone in the Commander’s voice.
– Well, well, well… Archimagirus Bence! You certainly are a very superstitious man to be an Elite Commander! – the Keeper stared into the Commander’s eyes. – Don’t worry, I will cooperate with you.
The first vision he had about it was the previous summer. It ocurred during a very hot afternoon; the image of The book came to his mind, and he immediately registered everything that he was receiving. Once he finished and read the record, he realized he was in great danger, and so would be anybody who found it.
Even though he had sworn loyalty to The New System, he made the decision to keep silent, and hid the record.
Nobody could ever know about the existance of The book.
Custode Aniello, we have received a report about an intruder in the vicinity of the Caeruleas Forest. The Curatores Lumen have also confirmed this strange apparition. Have you not received any information through any vision about this presence?
– A strange apparition? What kind of presence are you referring to? If you could give me more details…
Custode Aniello… I have just shared with you the minimum of information that I am able to disclose with you, this is extremely confidential. I was really looking forward to hearing more details from you…. – the Commander said sarcastically, lifting his right eyebrow
– I am sorry I cannot be of further help Archimagirus Bence. None of my recent visions are related to this event whatsoever – the Keeper reasured to the Commander, staring once more in his gaze.
– I understand, Custode Aniello. I will ask you then to contact me immediately if you happen to have a vision with more information. I remind you the importance of your role for the New System. And the loyalty oath you sworn with us… Please, enjoy your drink. – The Commander turned around and headed towards the exit door.
– Archimagirus Bence! – the Keeper shouted
The Commanded stopped and turned his head towards the Keeper
Archimagirus Bence, this presence that you keep talking about… is it really that important and worrying to the New System?
The Commander frowned and without saying a word, left the room.
The Keeper rushed his steps after the Commander and locked the exit door. He returned to his desk and using the small key that was hanging on his necklace, opened the last drawer. He took some manuscripts out from below the double bottom.
Whenever he received visions, the Keeper would go into a trance; sometimes it would last just a few minutes but some other times it would be a matter of hours. During these extended sessions, the Keeper would registry in manuscripts each of the messages, images and warning that he received. These were his Records.
“The Book is antique, its pages are already showing signs of aging. Some of its sections are illegible”, the manuscript described. The Keeper had also drawn the cover of the book, using nervous and thick strokes of a 281C pencil. The writing of the name Blavius was all over it. “The Devourer of The Blue will come in an unexpected shape, its innocent image will disguise its real power”.
While holding the Records in his hands, the Keeper closed his eyes and sighted heavily. He remembered Praeceptor Cecil and Praeceptor Cato. He remembered the conviction in their words, when he was young and had just joined The Regia Academia, he used to hear them talking about the profecies that ensured the arrival and subsequent fall of a New System. He remembered the day he sworn to protect the Records of the World Beyond the Trees, those Records that Keepers like him had guarded during generations.
The Devourer of The Blue will come in an unexpected shape… – the Keeper whispered to himself. – Could it be? Could this stranger really be…? – he questioned in an almost imperceptible voice.
Quickly, he took the key off his necklace, folded it in silk paper and immerse it in a bottle of Exitiale Virus. If anybody tried to recover it, only a slight touch of the powerful poison would cause instant death. Next, he set the manuscripts on fire, one by one. Tears fell down from his eyes while watching them turning into ashes.
The Keeper grabbed the glass of juice that he had placed on the table, and walked to the balcony.
“It has started”, he thought.
Smiling, he sipped from his glass.
He stood on the balcony’s edge, and without hesitating, let himself fall gracely down, from the 20 meters tall tower.

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