It could be the case that some light along this tunnel actually may exist. I want to highlight the “may” part, which I honestly think is more a “might” than a “may”; but you get my point.
There is darkness all around. All over.
The streets, the cafés, the restaurants, the offices; every single place is crowded with demons and beast like creatures.
If you can’t see them or feel them, good for you – you are in a better place than I am.
But there also may/might be some disguised angels out there, human shaped but actual bright beings, with silent light and merciful souls.
Having a soul is what makes the difference between a ghoul and a bright. Ghouls eat humans’ souls. Well, if you let them they will also devour your flesh; your heart is particularly delicious to their palate.
The problem resides in the fact that you don’t meet bright beings often.
It could be that you meet one, but it’s just a ghoul who has taken human form. Those exist, too. Their dark aura temporarily is painted white, but when you expose it to the rain – or to tears – its true colors will show up.
It could also be that you meet one, but there is always a “but” that prevents you from creating a deeper connection with it. “But” the time is not right, “but” the situation is too complex, “but” you speak different languages, “but”, “but”, “but”…
Still, I will admit it. There is a light force; a counterattack brigade of bright warriors that stand firm within enemy lines.
I’m saying firm and not strong; because most of us are damaged, broken and with sewed or stitched up wings. We are bright, but we are also full of darkness. But somehow, we are never engulfed by it. We keep holding on.
We don’t let ghouls posses us.
We don’t turn into human eaters.
The tunnel (or better knows as “life”) exists and it is damn long. There aren’t any emergency exit doors and once you get in, your only option is to keep moving forward.
But yes, there is light at its (end?).
I am not sure when or where the tunnel ends; not even if there is an ending.
So let me rephrase.
Light also exists.
So I guess after all, it’s ok not to be so scared while walking blind into the darkness of the tunnel.
I guess we all make it, somehow.

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