It’s simple, just go after the cliché advise of following it. That’s it. You follow your heart, you’ll get a 90% chance of having it broken.
The truth is, you never know. Honestly. You never know anything in advance, therefore the outcome of having your heart trashed into millions of pieces is not fully predictable. There is still a 10% hope left that you might actually have it a bit punched but mostly in one piece.
Of course, odds are not something you want to rely on when we talk about having one of the most important organs of your body borderline to death.
Oh no, you don’t wanna play the “I’ll die of this heartbreak” game. No, you don’t. It’s nothing like Romeo and Juliet, nobody is ready to die for love in this modern century.
I mean, nobody except yourself.
Repeating the same old mechanisms, guaranteeing your safe path to self destruction. Following all the nice quotes and phrases that encourage you to “go for it” “just do it” “listen to your heart”.
Yea, keep going, keep feeding your irrational emotions and starve your logic to death. If there is gonna be a death anyway, then why not? Why not killing your sense of reality, objectivity and practicality, and pray and perform rituals and put on candles and charms, so the 10% smiles at you?
Fact is, you are gonna break your own heart 90% of the time, nevermind how many trips to Nepal you make or how many times you watch Eat, Pray, Love.
Love is the root of all evil; not expectations. Love.
Think about it: no love = no expectations = no heartbreak.
Think about it again: love = expectations = heartbreak.
The paradox here is that apparently, love is felt with the heart. What an unbelievable absurdity.
You believe in what you choose to believe. We choose how to live and also most of the times we choose how to die too.
I’m tired of dying of heartbreaks over and over and over and over and over.
I’m gonna choose to die differently.
I’m gonna choose to stick my middle finger up to the paradox and blast my music out loud until I go deaf.

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