Emptiness once again.
The void.
It strikes at night. Apparently it’s a nocturnal creature.
Might as well be a cannibal. But instead of eating flesh, it feeds on my soul. It gobbles all up, from my consciousness to my hopes. And then throws them up violently.
Hope. What is hope anyways? Waiting for some sort of supernatural phenomenon?
To be granted something unreal, something which only exists in the imaginary of that same mind sunk onto the beast’s guts?
A nocturnal sadist cannibal.
That’s what this void is about.
I see it smiling at me from the other side of the room, I can see its glowing eyes. They stare at me, rejoying in my pain.
The void is a nocturnal assessin.
I die each twilight, only to find myself freshly breathing, without exception, each morning when the sun raises.
My world has ended multiple times. Under the guard of my executioner.
While it smirks at me.
While it cleans off my blood of its chin.
While my inner light washes out.
And I die.
And I reborn

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