2000 years ago the first regulations on the preservation of the Blue were written in the Ordinem Internum Codex. The codex described the doctrine of The New System.
-Excuse me Magister Asmund, may I ask you a question? – Nanna raised her hand, shaking it quickly to get the instructor’s attention.
– Yes, Nanna
– So, if the first regulations about the preservation of the Blue were written 2000 years ago… what happened before that?
– Before that?
– Right, what I mean is … before those 2000 years there were no regulations?
Suddenly, a deep and uncomfortable silence invaded the room. Everybody’s eyes opened widely, in between surprise and fear.
– Nanna; our World started 2000 years ago, we are 2000 years old
– Excuse me Magister Asmund, but I believe your information is mistaken. According to my own research, Records dated before that time you mentioned our World started to exist are hidden somewhere.
– Research? What kind of research are you referring to? – the instructor looked at Nanna in her eyes, full of bewilderment. His initial expression showed concern, but he quickly switched it to sternness.
– I apologize, Magister Asmund. I believe Nanna is just testing your patience, as she usually does with the rest of the instructors. I offer you my apologies in her name – Walmond immediately stood up and finished his phrase with a slight bowing of his head
– Nanna, is that true? – the instructor was, clearly, very irritated.
Walmond lightly lifted his head and fixed his look on Nanna. She seemed to have understood his silent message.
– I apologize Magister Asmund. I must improve my tendency to defy authority. The New System needs brave and disciplined soldiers. My priority and unique objective is to serve the System with my life. I offer you my apologies – Nanna was also now standing up, her head looking down and her right arm on her chest, emulating the gesture of loyalty towards The New System.
While everybody was paying attention to the peculiar scene taking place in the lecture room, the sound of the bell that announced the end of the class broke in.
– You are dismissed – said Magister Asmund. – Nanna and Walmond, please stay sitting. Get your notebooks ready, I must register today’s incident on them.
Once everybody left the classroom, Magister Asmund took the notebooks and wrote on them. When he gave them back to Nanna and Walmond, his eyes stared on theirs for a minute and discreetly moved towards the direction of the security cameras. Next, both left the room.
– I am really satisfied with Magister Asmund’s work. He is such a unique and important piece for The New System – Principal Leader Basil said, while watching the images of the live security cameras.
– Indeed – confirmed Gunvor. – I firmly believe that he would also be a great asset for the curatores training.
Gunvor placed her long black nails on her lips and then slowly moved her hands towards her skirt, moving it to the side exposing her long legs.
– You already know that I am always satisfied with you too.. Now, stop tempting me and go back to work. We have no time now for this. – Principal Leader Basil whispered in her ear, playfully.
Once in their quarters, Walmond and Nanna opened their notebooks.
“Do not ever do such a stupid thing again. We will be exposed if you do.”
Carefully, they lifted the piece of paper with the message that was placed on top of their notebooks and hid it within their fists.
Next, they grabbed a pen and signed the written notification: “Written warning for defying authority”.
They swiftly put their notebooks back in their backpacks and rushed to their next lecture.

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