If it hurts deep inside,
It doesn’t mean it’s wrong
If it hurts you and you don’t understand,
If it brings up all your pain,
Your fears, your wounds
That’s not wrong,
That’s not bad
It’s a gift
It’s the moment when you meet again
When you remember your soul in another
When you can recognize the energy
And you feel like a magnet going to its source
And you love, you hate, you cry
You are overwhelmed by emotions,
That’s when you know it’s time
It’s time to grow
It’s time to regenerate, to bloom
Because this connection is unique
It is cruel and sweet, it leaves you naked and exposed
But you don’t feel complete without it
You crave for your other soul’s touch
For the deep understanding and forgiveness
You feel safe in those arms, you know they won’t hurt you
It’s a gift, it’s a realization
And it also requires time, time alone and
It requires that you work on yourself,
To go back to your inner strenght, to do the work you came to do
Embrace uncertainty and let go
Let go, let free
And trust each step of the way
If it hurts, if you feel your soul and heart crushing,
If all your old wounds, traumas and pains
come back to the surface,
If you are here and you are right in front of them
Confronting them finally, knowing you need your peace with them and yourself
If your other soul triggered such growth
Then it’s not bad, it’s not destructive
It’s the greatest gifts of all
Growing from the inside, clearing up your aching
Because that unique soul came to your life
Unexpectedly, in a hard timing, surrounded by difficulties
That soul found you again in this life
To recognize each other
To honor that bond
To learn
To heal
To bloom
To finally, eventually… reunite

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