I just opened my eyes
There seems to be sun outside
Is it cold? Has it been raining?
I don’t know, cause my eyes can’t take it
I’ve been stabbed again,
Lost my heart, lost the game, lost myself

What the hell is going on
What is in your damn veins?
I’ll tell you something,
In mine there is no more blood,
Had to drink it all up;
The pain

Cause I was dying, slowly
Choking in all those old days
So if I don’t have you, what to do?
Just find myself?
Girl, gotta let go
Girl, gotta own it
Girl, get yourself straight

Please stop, shut your mind and feel
Are you really so scared to see?
Are you also bleeding? Have you finished destroying yourself?
Have you jumped into the abyss? Or maybe felt in your thoughts all the side effects that chemicals have gifted to your brain?

Ah, I know
You will tell me that in the past you fell in love…
Damn, yea, I’m speechless
There’s no more painful way to go
Yeah, gotta let go
Yeah, just own it
Yeah, get back to yourself

I’m just gonna sit here in this corner
I will cry out loud, I will scream and tear down
Just let the noise, the loud world around consume me
I’ll go blind and deaf
Let the voices in my head rule over
while I rest

And then I’ll let go
Then I’ll understand
Then, I’ll raise again

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