It’s like trying to mix water and oil.
You can put them together in a bowl or a glass; they can both stay floating but they will never become one.
A solid and a liquid will not fuse; except under modified external circumstances: by force, extreme heat, extreme cold…
To make myself clear, the only way a solid and a liquid can blend is not just instinctive.
What happens naturally is that if solid particles are mixed in a liquid, the ingredients will soon separate.
Nature knows its reasons.
Why would we dare to go against them?
Our particles are made of opposite components; you are water and I am mostly solid.
You are adaptable to the recipient, you flow with whatever comes to you without opposing much resistance.
I am a solid,I feel comfortable in define spaces and surrounded by certainty.
Flowing is not my thing.
And certainly floating isn’t either.
What’s more, if you put me in water for too long, I will boil it.
Because I’m a solid, yes. That’s what you see in me, that’s the part that I let others see.
But make no mistake, I have a well hidden side. The side of me that takes the most of me.
I am fire, and I burn so much that everything around me can turn into ashes in seconds.
Ashes and darkness.
Ashes followed by darkness. Until all is left, is darkness.
Until all left is me, standing in the middle of this thick palpable blackness.
Then I am not fire anymore.
I am left being a fragile solid.
But you… you are still water.
You do not evaporate, you burn and boil, but never evaporate.
You put me out.
You drown me.
Yes, a love between a solid and a liquid will never happen.

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