Hearts are a complicated matter.
Physiologically speaking, of course.
But I’m talking about the non-tangible aspect of it.
As it is said, the heart is the place where feelings reside. Or should reside. Or better said, should awake.
Feelings are learnt behaviours, they stay in the mind until they are triggered by an external event.
The way I see it, some people are not humans; they are monsters. They are monsters with unhealed hearts.
Let me explain myself better.
Hearts are the containers of feelings, let’s assume that.
Feelings are learnt behaviours.
Well; as it seems, some people out there have had such devastating experiences that their hearts got sick. And even after years of living on this planet; trigger after trigger those hearts lost their ability to heal. Their disease became chronic.
Once the heart is damaged, people slowly turn into monsters with unhealed hearts.
Interestingly, some other people spend their time on this planet being healers. Beasts handlers. Monsters tamers.
It is not an easy mission but healers usually achieve their goals sooner or later. However; at a very high price
Every time a healer changes the heart of a monster, a piece of their own heart and soul remains with the beast. That’s just how it works.
Such a paradox.
A healer’s mission is to transform the unhealed hearts of monsters, but in order to do so they must leave behind a piece of their own each and every time.
The more hearts are touched, the less is left of the healer’s own heart.
Sounds sad.
But apparently, there is a bigger reward waiting for us somewhere.
I have come and gone from these lives for the past 8,000 years; and it’s not that I want to be pessimistic, but I have not seen any kind of compensation just yet.
Maybe it takes longer.
Or maybe I am doing something wrong.

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