It is what it is

I think I always disliked that phrase. It’s such an obvious thing; I already know it is what it is. That is not what matters here. Or better said, that is exactly what matters.

The reasons why things are the way they are, I believe, come from not only one source. Some believe in destiny, some in the flow of the Universe, some others in a higher form (call it God, for example) who guides us in each step of the way. There are people who firmly adhere to the idea that we make our own path out of free will and others that swear on synchronicity, lady luck, serendipity.

Whichever any of the above options may apply in explaining why things are the way they are, it still doesn’t change at all the feelings of the in between moments. Those moments in between storms, in between changes, in between decisions and consequences.

Call it the way you want. Paint it the colors you prefer. Write it in poetry or in a dark thriller. “It is was it is” is not a consolation. It is not acceptance. It doesn’t ease the pain. It is twisted. It justifies what we cannot understand, or what we cannot have, or what we cannot do. It takes away our idea of being in control, it just leaves us naked in front of the mirror of our own powerless existence.

Behind every “It is what it is” there are thousand of unspoken words. There are hundreds of trapped feelings. There is all there could ever be but will not.

Behind my “It is what it is”, there is learning. Growing. Untold stories. Voiceless writings. Hollow pain. Secret happiness. Knowledge. Lessons.

But above all, there is certainty. That in 500 years from now, or in a different dimension, or in my next life; there will be a new now.

Which won’t be this now.

Which will be what it will be.

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