Neon lights and a very mixed alternate dimension

I’m not sure what has happened during the past 4 days.

I may have leaped in time. Or dimensionally jumped. Or both. Or none. I have no idea.

The truth is that I am now in a place where everybody speaks a language I can’t understand – again. Where there are A LOT of people walking here and there in a hurried pace and where there are queues. For everything. Long queues. Queues of the queues. And incredibly fast escalators, where you must stand on the right side. Else, you are obstructing the way of those who need to go faster than the escalator. Which is, indeed, pretty fast.

I jumped into a land where I have to look the other direction to cross the street and where people dance and sing and do martial arts in different sections of the many parks everywhere. Parks with real flowers and a diverse botanical life. Including palm trees. Yes, Miami style.

Here, streets are at ground level but also up above; some even run underground as well. Long skywalks connect mall after mall after mall. Each mall then connects to other buildings. Residential buildings with elevators coming down from a 46th or 50th floor straight into the heart of a mall. Or buildings exclusively for shops, where tons of claw machines align in a very misaligned architecture style, mixed with nails salons, food stalls and clothes shops.

When you look to the left, a fast double decker bus may drive a few centimetres away from your nose; then you look to your right and a never ending assortment of neon lights will guide your way to wherever you want to go. Or don’t want to go but end up there. Or just because you thought that sign was this other sign which happened to be a similar sign but on the other side of the city. Something like that.

Then, there are things. I mean, things. Every single thing you may think of – and even more of those you would have never imagined existed.

Electronics, no wait – the Wonderland of electronics. This is the future. An extremely technologically advanced and terrifying world of touch screens, voice recognition and e-payments.

Food. No, seriously, pay attention. Close your eyes. Imagine Willy Wonka factory. Multiply that image per 1,000 times. In weirdness, in fabulousness, in excentricity, flavours and colors. Now add the same amount, but in variety. Sweet, sour, bitter, mixed. You can have it all. Grilled ducks hanging of hooks at food stalls on the streets. Snake soups. Alligator meat plates. Mango cakes. Seeds. Dry fruits. All. You get it all. Noah’s Ark of food. This is where I am.

Plus, it’s Christmas time. Santa robots, santa cosplayers walking around, granmas wearing Rudolph ears, kids carrying ballons covered in neon lights with plushies inside. And; oh the Christmas music. Everywhere. Bathrooms included.

So yes, I am not sure what has been going on these past 4 days.

But let me just tell you this. I am fascinated. Blown away. Also tired, because walking is the new driving a BMW. But happy.

Oh, so much to discover and do here.

Hi, Hong Kong!

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