I write.

About many different things. Mostly, weird and dark-ish short stories. But I also blog, and some people think the things I say are hilarious. So I’m never sure what to answer to the question “so… what do you write about?”

Talk to me about aliens. About dragons, elves. About mysteries and spooky legends, about myths and rituals. History, art, music. Thinking, imagining, creating. Spirituality, miracles, chants, mantras. Talk to me about what’s sacred and what brings all your demons out. The things that scare you, the things you love, those that you don’t understand. You name it, I’m in.

I also draw.

I like to say I am an illustrator, but I just am passionate about imagining worlds and people and creatures and bring them to life on paper. I am not Leonardo, but I have my own style. I have this permanent thirst for learning, I get inspired by other artists, by everything that happens around me, so I am constantly re-inventing myself.

I drink coffee, tea and chocolate milk. Milkshakes too. Sometimes wine. Mostly water and a couple carbonated drinks when necessary.

Argentinean. Multicultural. In love with diversity.

I am scared of heights. And I don’t like blue cheese.

I guess… that’s about it?