Five days

Less than a week. Five. Five days. After five years. Now, it's time to move on. I'm not really sure how I feel about this whole thing right now. I'm a rollercoaster of emotions; farewells here and there, an infinite amount of cups of coffee and chats and meals and tears. People. People showing me [...]


Be quiet It's ok Embrace yourself tight Allow your tears flow And your fears come Allow to feel nothing And to break, To lose control Don't be scared to be fragile, my love You are one with your sorrow, yea that's right Stay quiet It's ok Silence brings healing Stay and wait, Stop and breathe [...]


If it hurts deep inside, It doesn't mean it's wrong If it hurts you and you don't understand, If it brings up all your pain, Your fears, your wounds That's not wrong, That's not bad It's a gift It's the moment when you meet again When you remember your soul in another When you can [...]


Can’t you see I’m empty again? 내가 또 비었다는 걸 모르겠니? This cannibal void strikes my soul 이 식인의 공허함은 내 영혼을 때린다. It’s a nocturnal poison, a hungry ghoul 이것은 야행성 독약이며, 배 고픈 괴물이다. No, don’t tell me that you know 너가 알았다고 말하지 마라 Don’t tell me that you get it 네가 [...]